In 2016, the Florida School of Holistic Living launched the Orlando Grief Care Project to provide herbs for emotional resilience to those in our community affected by the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Given the current climate for healthcare providers, struggling with lack of institutional support, shortages of personal protective equipment, and an increase in patient load due to COVID-19, we began to see nurses and frontline healthcare workers experience grief, fatigue, and emotional burnout. We quickly launched an outreach effort that distributed 800 grief care kits to local nurses and providers, featuring herbs and simple tools to provide emotional support. We began to receive requests from nurses in neighboring counties, and as of July 4, 2021, we have distributed nearly 20,000 grief care kits to healthcare providers. These kits also include a link to the lectures on this website provided free-of-charge. In addition, we have distributed nearly 2500 scholarships for individuals with financial need to participate in this five-part course-series.

How to Organize Your Own Outreach Project

Many herbalists have contacted us from around the country asking for guidance and support to develop a similar outreach project for nurses and healthcare workers in their communities. We are in the process of developing those materials. In the meantime, you can find materials we created in 2016 at the Orlando Grief Care website to offer guidance for organizing a community outreach effort in your local area.

How to Support Our Work

At this time, we are only accepting in-kind donations of herbal products from companies that are FDA-GMP compliant and registered, due to concerns for the safety and health of our volunteers and of those healthcare workers receiving our kits. Please contact us for this week’s mailing address and current herbal remedy needs.

We are grateful to accept monetary donations large and small to fuel our efforts. Your contribution is tax-deductible and allows us to reach more nurses, distribute more herbs, and offer more scholarships. To make a donation to our Outreach Efforts, please visit this link. On behalf of all those who we serve, thank you for your support!