From Students

Thank you for putting together such an informative bunch of classes, and so quickly. So much information and inspiration. I loved them all.


Your workshop series reignited a long dormant passion for study of herbs and how practical it can be in my life.  Thank you!


You are so calm, competent, and authoritative. I cannot imagine any student of this course not feeling inspired and empowered to incorporate these simple suggestions into their life.


Your workshops demystified the illness and helped me understand everything I had been reading online. You’ve synthesized information that otherwise felt like over-stimulation. Thank you for making this information so accessible to folks like me.


Your voice is so calming and grounding and soothing, and the information accessible and right on.


This video felt like my grandmother’s grandmother’s calming down-to-earth advice for a time of uncertainties. Reminders of how to care for ourselves. Establishing new habits while leaning on very old herb traditions to be well.


Yesterday the state of our world weighed on me big time. This morning I woke feeling lighter and freer after watching these informative sessions. Listening to these words of wisdom helped lift me.


“I’ve worked in oncology for almost twelve years, and this is one of the best lectures on immune health I have ever listened to.”

“This is the first time in a month that health information has helped me feel more calm and centered, rather than more overwhelmed and confused. Even my primary care provider agreed, this series provides common sense tools to incorporate for our everyday health, no matter the circumstances.”