In response to this time of great uncertainty and confusion, we have created a workshop series to inspire and empower you. We’ll show you ways to support your immune health, demystify the mass of information available, and cultivate calm, clarity and courage while protecting your family’s health with remedies from your kitchen and backyard.

COVID-19 is a novel viral infection, which means this is new and uncharted territory for all of us. Confusion is normal. Anxiety is natural. In the face of all this uncertainty, our hearts are all feeling heavy today.

Equally true, the earth is constantly beneath our feet, supporting us and lifting us up. The plants are always surrounding us with their generous medicines. Our ancestors are always at our backs, reminding us that throughout the course of human history, our species has survived trials like this one again and again.

While this may not make things easier right now, it gives us a small spark of light at the end of a long tunnel. It means that we are not alone. We have the plants, we have our ancestors, and we have our communities to lean into during this time of great anxiety, suffering, anger, confusion, and grief.

Yes, grief. Grief as we suffer our own losses of income, social connection, and certainty over our future. Grief as we watch the world around us crumble. Grief as we witness our healthcare workers on the frontlines neglected of the protective equipment that allows them to serve our families. And most of all, grief at the human loss of life at the hands this viral pandemic.

Many systems of medicine consider grief to be seated in our lungs. As we face the spread of this viral respiratory infection, and all its societal repercussions, the connection between grief and lung health is hard to ignore. Fortunately, whether through breathwork exercises to strengthen the respiratory system and enhance immune capacity, or addressing the emotion of grief and helping it move through the body, there are accessible tools within our reach to support our wellness.

We talk about this, and much more, in our Herbs for Resilient Health workshop series. Join us for a discussion of immune support, antiviral strategies, nourishment, respiratory care, and emotional wellness. Our five-part series hopes to empower you with practical strategies to care for your health and the health of your loved ones, so that together, we may ensure the health of our community. Classes are recorded for viewing at your convenience.

May we cultivate calm, clarity, and courage to navigate these confusing and uncertain times together.